Various Types Of The Online Learning Process

Various Types Of The Online Learning Process

October 13, 2020 2 By gurusiksha

In the modern age, online tuition has changed in many ways. Various options are available in the online medium for using computers and technology for learning. There are so many types of online learning methods that have been raised in modern days. With the advancement of technology, E-learning has become advanced as well. Students can choose any method as per their convenience for online learning. It can be individual, interactive, linear, fixed, or others. Let us discuss some major types of E-learning methods which are used highly in Indian society.

Computer Managed To Learn

In computer-managed learning or CML process, majorly computers are used to assess and manage the learning process. All the information about online tuition classes is provided to the students through the information database. Through using these databases, students achieve a bit of information that they have to learn. There are several ranking parameters in this type of online learning system which students can use individually as per their preference. The two-way communication system (between computer and student) is used to provide satisfactory learning to the students. The process is repeated again and again until the students have achieved their learning goals.

Synchronous Online Learning

Synchronous E-earning is a type of group learning where many students can participate in the learning activity altogether at a specific time from anywhere in the world. This type of online tuition is processed through online chatting, video conferencing and other effective tools. These tools allow tutors and students to resolve any doubt regarding learning instantly by enabling both teachers and students to communicate with each other. Synchronous online learning is community-oriented E-learning which has become possible only with the rapid development of technology. The major disadvantages of online tuition like social isolation, the improper relationship between teachers and students are eliminated easily in this E-learning.

Fixed E-Learning

Fixed online learning is one of the most common types where learning is based on fixed content. The contents that are used in this E-learning does not change the original state. All the students of the fixed online tuition process receive the same information. In this process, materials are prepared by the tutors, although students’ preferences are not accepted in these online tuitions. In most of the institutions of India, a fixed e-learning process is used massively to provide online tuition to numerous students at the same time.

Linear E-Learning

Linear learning is a human-computer interaction learning process where information is passed from sender to receiver. This is not a two-way communication learning process, therefore it is a very limiting factor. Sending the learning materials of tuition class to the students through mail or by other mediums is the major activity of the linear e-learning process. The linear virtual learning process is based on directed, conducted, controlled, and guided study programs. This E-learning process is also adopted in most of the classrooms of India as it is an appropriate solution to the inclusion of E-learning with classroom activities. Through compressing the time and ensuring the consistent delivery of the study content, this E-process enhances the quality of classroom activities.

Interactive Online Learning

Interactive online learning is an interactive approach to the online medium of learning. This procedure allows the senders to become the receivers and also vice versa as well. It is an effective two-way communication education channel approach where both tutors and students are involved simultaneously. Through the received and sent messages, both tutors and students can make changes in the predetermined study materials to their learning and tutoring process. The learning capability and convenience of the students are highly concerned in this type of online class tuition. Due to this flexibility, this virtual medium of learning is extremely popular among the students which allows both parties to communicate freely with each other.

Individual Online Tuition

Individual E-learning is the contrary of synchronized learning or group learning process. In this case, the same study materials are provided to every student via online mode. But students learn and assess the study materials individually to meet their desired learning goals. This online tuition class is focused largely on the development of the self-management skills of the virtual students. Therefore, students have to prepare their assignments and achieve learning without communicating with other students and independently.

Hence, it has been noticed that there are so many E-learning processes that have been invented in the modern age. The technology has provided a revolutionary change in online tuition in India. Various types of options are available for students of E-learning. They can pick anything as per their convenience. However, from each medium of online learning, they will get the same benefits. This learning process will be proven as highly effective if it can be applied properly. In this way, advanced technology has simplified the online learning process. Due to the flexibility of E-Learning, most students have become involved in online tuition.