Top 9 tips to crack NDA written exam in 2020 in first attempt

January 4, 2020 0 By gurusiksha


In NDA exam a candidate needs to prepare themselves in a very smart manner. They have to be very much proactive in their approach. There are super 9 tips to crack the NDA examination in 2020 in a first attempt. Currently, UPSC conducts the NDA examination in the year 2020. One thing is still followed in NDA examination which is they still follow the offline mode of examination. There are several organizations who train candidates for NDA examinations. Mathematics is the most crucial part of this examination because here you need to do calculations. we all know it will consume much of your valuable time. Thus, there are certain methods that a candidate needs to apply in the exam to keep things in proper order.

There are certain techniques are there that can help you to get maximum scores for the NDA Examinations. Along with that you can also clear the NDA examination in the first attempt.

Now let’s get in to the facts that how candidates can  clear the NDA examinations in first attempt.

What is the importance of the NDA written exam?  

The written examination or the aptitude test is taken in order to filter the quality candidate for the NDA exam next round. candidates just need to qualify themselves in the first phase for second round of the selection process. Written examination is the first step and the second step is the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview.

Hence, now get in to facts that how to clear NDA examination in the first attempt

  • Prepare a blue print of the examination:-  

The style of the written NDA examination is of MCQ (Multiples choice Questions) type. In order to record their answers the candidates have to use the OMR sheets. That are being provided by the invigilator of the examination. Candidates need to select the right set of answers to the options that are given on the OMR sheets.

The examination comprises mainly of three main parts. Three different parts of the examinations are Mathematics, English and General Knowledge section.

  • Solving previous year question paper can prove to be a great help:-

One of the crucial steps in cracking the NDA examination is to solve the previous year exam paper. The trend of the preparing the question paper has not changed much. Solving the previous year question papers of the NDA examinations will help the students in two ways. Firstly, it will make the students accustomed with the nature of the questions. secondly it will help the students to understand the question pattern. so that, they can strategize things properly before the examination.

When the student’s will solve the previous year’s question papers then they will understand the level of their preparation. Also to know which areas they need to improve.

  • Take the guidance of a qualified private tutor:-  

Seeking the guidance of a qualified private tutor for NDA examinations can help the candidates to score well in the exam. In most cases, it has been found that students tend to prepare for the competitive exams all by themselves. But one most important thing which they forget is the guidance of a tutor. This is very crucial especially in these types of examinations.

The reason for this is if you try to prepare alone then you cannot be able to understand the level of preparation you need for this exam. Apart from this, a private tutor can guide a student to apply the shortcut tricks to score well and clear the cutoffs in this examination in a proper manner.

  • Application of the shortcut tricks especially in Mathematics:-  

The Mathematics part will be quiet tricky especially in this year. The reason for this is UPSC is preparing the question paper this time. This is why the difficulty level of the question paper can be high. Application of the short cut tricks can come to be handy. Now if candidates don’t know the shortcut tricks in the examination hall. Then it can kill their valuable time in the examination. Along with that, the hard work and the efforts of the student will go in vain.

Hence to get rid of this scenario the best way is to seek the assistance of an experienced private tutor for Mathematics can prove to be a great idea. They can guide you to make the correct attempt in the Mathematics section. This will increase your chances to score well in the mathematics.

  • Time management and speed can increase your score:-  

Use smart tactics to complete the exam paper on time. Don’t waste time on those questions that are lengthy and you possess less confidence.

In case of Mathematics, try to spend 1min 25 seconds in each question to 3 minutes in maximum for short to long questions respectively.


In case of General Awareness, try to spend 1 minute in each question in minimum to 2 minutes in maximum.

Now let’s get in to some calculation to understand the logic behind the amount of time to be spend by a student in each sections and each questions in the examinations

  1. Mathematics = Total Number of questions =120

                          = Total time allotted is 2hrs 30minutes =150 minutes in total

Time to be spent in each question in the Mathematics section

   = Total time allotted/ Total number of questions

                             = 150/120=1minute25 seconds in each questions

 2. General Awareness section= Total Number of questions = 150

 = Total time allotted is 2hrs 30 minutes =150 minutes in  total

Time to be spent in each question in the General Awareness section

= Total Time allotted /Total Number of questions=150/150= 1 minute in each questions    

Hence, the above mentioned point clearly states that the amount of time a candidate must take in order to attempt the maximum number of questions in each section.

After making the right time management it is very important that the speed of solving the questions in the exam. Now the matter of fact here is that the speed of the candidate entirely depends on the amount of practice they perform before the examination.

  • Be alert about the negative marking of the examination:-  

A candidate must be well aware of the negative marking of the examination in advance. The reason for this is for every wrong answer 0.25marks will be deducted from the candidate score. This actually means that for each wrong answer in mathematics section a candidate will lose 2.75 marks. In case of General Awareness section for every wrong answer a candidate will lose 4.25 marks in each question.

Now let’s see the logical analysis of this matter

Capture-Marks distribution

Hence, if a candidate want to clear the cut offs then he/she must try to reduce the number of wrong attempts as much as possible. In order to execute this in proper order a candidate must try to study a minimum of 2-3 hours a day to reduce the possibility of wrong answers as much as possible.

  • Try to clear the cut offs first:-

A candidate must try to score 50-60% marks in each sections of this NDA examination 2020. This actually means that if a candidate targets 50% marks to clear the cutoff in Mathematics and General Ability Test section then he or she must score 150 marks out of 300 Marks in Mathematics and 300 Marks out of 600 marks in General ability test section. This means out of total aggregate of 900 marks a candidate must secure 450 marks in total to clear the cutoffs.

Now if the candidate wants to target the cutoff marks for 60% then he/ she must secure 540 marks in aggregate total out of 900 marks to clear the cutoffs. This means the student must secure 180marks out of 300marks in Mathematics and 360 marks out of 600 marks in General Ability test to clear the cut offs.

  • Improve upon your space management skills:-

It may sound awkward that what is this space management skill is all about. This is nothing but the amount of space a candidate will get in the examination hall to do their rough work. In subjects like Mathematics lots of calculations are there and the requirement for the rough work is also very huge. Hence, if a candidate want to crack the NDA examination 2020 in first shot then working on the space is very vital.

The reason is a limited space is offered to make the calculations in the examination thus a candidate must try to practice more shortcut tricks and try to do more mental calculation to crack the exam.

  • Extensive reading of newspaper and journals is essential to crack the English section:-  

Extensive reading of the newspaper is very important to score well in this NDA examination 2020. This will help the candidates to improve upon their vocabulary and their grammar and their writing skills to a great extent.

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