Top 5 tricks to crack JEE Mains 2019

Top 5 tricks to crack JEE Mains 2019

June 3, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

The National testing agency conducts JEE Mains exam every year. This year also lacks of student will appear for this exam. Apart from this, there are certain procedures or tricks are there which can help a student to crack JEE Mains in one shot. A total of 941117 appeared in first sessions of the examinations. Hence from this data it has become clear that the competition is very stiff among the best candidates of the country. So, if you want to crack the JEE Mains in one go then you must seek the help of private tutor to help your child in fulfilling his dreams.

Therefore let’s find out the tricks for scoring well in JEE Mains exam 2019.

  • Prepare a well planned study schedule and follow it strictly:-

Without proper planning it is very difficult to crack JEE Mains examination for students. Therefore proper planning is very important to score well in the exam. Student must prepare proper time table to score well in the exam. Only preparing the time table is not enough you need to follow it strictly also. Students who are very confused in preparing the study schedule in a proper manner can take the help of the mentors of Gurusiksha to fulfill their requirement. On the basis of the requirement of the students our online private tutor can prepare the study schedule for the students in a proper manner.

  • Read the class 11 and 12 NCERT books thoroughly:-

NCERT books are very important for the students it can boost up their level of preparation in a proper manner. In JEE main January lots of questions have been asked from NCERT books of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Therefore consulting these books can be of great help for the students. Apart from these at time of examination those books may not come in handy due to lots of scattered information. But the online tutors of Gurusiksha can provide better notes by compiling this scatted information in one consolidated notes. Just you need to seek their help to fulfill your requirement.

  • Solve JEE main previous year question paper:-

If you an engineering student then solving previous year question paper thoroughly will be the right choice for you. In this regard, you make need the assistance of a quality private tutor who can guide your child in achieving the desired objective. Selecting the right tutor here plays a very vital role for students to score well in the exam. Solving previous year question paper will help the students to understand clearly the pattern of examination and will help them in scoring well in the exam. This will guide the students in achieving the desired goals in the exam. Students will also gets accustomed with the level of difficulty Hence they can prepare accordingly as per the requirement of the examination to clear the JEE Mains with better result.

  • Studying through video lectures under the guidance of experts:-

If your child attends the online live classes of our experts then it can easily help your child to score well in the exam. The reason online live classes they can record and can use it for future preparation. Along with that, experts can guide the students in right track to prepare well for the exam. This can guide your child in right manner to make their preparation in right order or sequence. More than extra learning concrete learning is very important. The reason being students may get confused due to extra gathering of information in their mind. It will also enhance their level of performance in the examination.

  • Attempt as many mock test as possible:-

Attempt as many mock test as possible to upgrade the level of your preparation. In this regard the self assessment test of the Gurusiksha can help students in gathering more information before the exam to apply it on the time of examination. Thus it will help the child to score well before the examination. More mock test you apply better will be it for the students it will increase the speed of attempting the examination in a better manner to make the child more confident before the exam.

From where you can get quality tuitions   

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