Top 5 tips to score well in class 11 CBSE physics

Top 5 tips to score well in class 11 CBSE physics

June 5, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

Class 11 is considered as one of the most important standard of a student’s life. It can either make or break a student’s career. So, in order to score well in the exam the best option is to seek the assistance of the best private tutor in the state. There are various points where students must focus in right order to score more marks in the exam. But the matter of fact here is that they must prepare in a smart way rather than in a traditional way for the exam. There are certain important points that a student must keep in his /her mind before preparing for the examination of class 11 physics.

There are several important points you must keep in mind before preparing for the class 11 CBSE Physics. Hence let’s get in to the details one after the other.

  • Know the exam pattern and the syllabus:-

One of the first steps for preparing for class 11 is to know the syllabus well and in right order. The syllabus of class 11 is quite similar to that of the class 12th syllabus hence the choices of questions and breakup of the marks here plays a very vital role in deciding the fate of the students in the exam. Physics is not that easy subject as it seems to be. Students who are quite aware of these facts can score better marks in the exam. So let’s see the distribution of the marks as per the topics to understand the pattern of question for class 11 physics CBSE board.

Table for marks division

Hence from the above table it has been clear the marks distribution pattern of CBSE class 11 physics. We can all view that the total marks allotted in the question paper is 70 and the number of questions asked in this section is 26. Thus you just need to prepare a well planned strategy.

  • Focus on the important topics:-

There are several topics present for the physics exam to cover for the students. But to score well they need to focus on the important topics to score good marks in the exam. Students must focus on the important topics to score good marks in the exam. For that they need to choose the right set of topics for the exam. Therefore let’s find out the important topics a student must go through

1)     Thermal properties of matter.

2)     Work, energy and power.

3)     Thermodynamics

4)     Rotational Motion.

5)     Gravitation

6)     Kinetic theory

7)     Waves

8)     Laws of Motion.

These above mentioned topics can fetch better marks for the students in the exams. So if they can focus well on these mentioned topics then it will be a great help for them.

  • Follow a proper time table:-

When you are preparing for class 11 physics exam then following a proper well planned time table can be of great help for you. It will enable you to maintain the steady preparation before the exam. Thus a proper schedule can be of great asset for you to score well in the upcoming exams of physics in class 11. Just you need to keep your focus steady. Allocation of equal time on all topics is very important in all the topics in this regard. Just you need to segregate it in proper way.

  • Practice question papers:-

Regular practice of the question papers is very important to score well in the exam. Better to say previous years question paper. Just you need to know the right time to do this. For this you need to seek the guidance of a profession private tutor who has years of experience in this field. A well planned preparation is only possible when you solve more previous year questions along with that you self judge your preparation by attempting quizzes after the completion of the each chapter. By going through this question paper students will get a clear idea about the pattern of the questions that may come in the exam. This will also boost up their level of confidence.

  • Revise properly:-

Proper revision of the topics is very important before the exam. This will enhance the level of preparation of the candidate before the exam. In case of physics exam revision of the important topics is very important. The reason being the numerical can fetch you more marks if you can properly do it in the exam. Thus for this you need to seek the assistance of the best private tutor for the exam.

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