Tips to top in ICSE exam 2019

Tips to top in ICSE exam 2019

December 3, 2018 1 By gurusiksha

The syllabus of ICSE is quiet long and diverse in nature. Students need to be very much focused and tactical in making the preparation of this examination. Now this may happen that you have multiple chapters left before few weeks of the examination. Then only effective strategy implementation can help you to get the expected marks in your examination.

Sometimes smart work can easily help you to score good marks in the examination rather than getting puzzled before the last few weeks of the examination. Most of the time it happens that students prefer to refer and practice last 10 years question papers or sample questions to get the required marks. But there are some other facts are also there which can help them in this process.

If a candidate makes a proper SWOT analysis of his/ her capacity then it will prove to be a better option for the candidates to score well in ICSE.

So, let’s get in to the details that how subject’s wise preparation can help a student in scoring good marks in ICSE.

Tips to score better marks in science section:-

In Physics:-  

  • Prepare the formulas of each chapter and make a note of it stick it in a place from where it is easily visible to you.
  • Keep a separate notebook with yourself where you can maintain the proper relationship between all the units and quantities in a well structured format.
  • Set a particular time for yourself when you can practice all the conceptual diagrams of the subjects that seem to be difficult for you. The answer sheets must be clean and tidy in the examination with accurate and perfect diagram. This can only be achieved with constant practice.
  • Try to write your own explanation while practicing the diagrams this will improve your conception and will reduce the chances of error in examination.
  • When you understand the topics in comparison to learning by heart then it enhances the chances of scoring more marks in ICSE.

NOTE :- ICSE currently focusing on preparing conceptual questions rather than preparing the contextual questions.    



In Chemistry:-

  • First of all concentrate on the chemical formulas and prepare a notebook and study it on regular basis before starting any new chapter.
  • Follow, the last ten years question papers and try to solve them at least once in a week to self assess your preparation.
  • Equations are considered as one of the most essential part of this subject. So, if you want to score good marks then you need to focus in this part thoroughly by keeping a proper note of it.
  • Practice more improve on your weak areas to score 90+ marks in chemistry.

In Biology:-  

  • This subject does not have any numerical problems or formulas. It is full of diagrams and theories.
  • A candidate will surely feel confident when he/ she are properly through with the concepts and diagrams. After you understand the topic in a proper and orderly manner in a notebook.
  • Develop your writing speed by solving previous years answer papers.
  • Practice the diagrams more so that you can get accustomed with it to score more in the exams.

In Mathematics:-    

  • The formulas must be in your tip of your finger.
  • Keep a track on the examples and new tricks to solve the lengthy sums quickly.
  • Find out the most scoring areas where you can solve sums quickly and make a rigorous practice on your weak points.
  • Cross check the faults at each and every time of your practice.

So, these are some of the important tricks and tips that you can apply for scoring more marks in ICSE especially in Science section. More detailed and informative explanations will be provided in our next blog so keep a track of our blog section to get most updated and refined information about the coming examinations.