Terraforming Mars – An initiative to form a habitable zone in Mars

May 7, 2019 1 By gurusiksha

mars-a1For decades scientists are exploring life in the universe. But the matter of fact before they could search down such a planet it would be easier to make a planet apart from Earth a habitable place to live in. the resources of Earth is getting depleted for decades. A time will come when the entire human race will suffer from lack of natural resources on Earth. But before that it would be a smarter option to find or create one planet where existence of life and natural resources like Earth is possible.

For human existence oxygen, water, and atmosphere is very important. Venus can be the option in that case as it also falls on the habitable zone. But to cool down Venus is not possible with our current technologies. But heating up the Mars is possible with our current technology. Creating Green house gases using the method of global warming in which we are very good at.

Now what should be the ideal process to make the Mars a habitable planet? The answer is Terraformation. Terraformation is the most useful technique to bring life on the planet Mars. Basically Terraformation is basically a hypothetical process of planetary engineering. Surface of the planet Mars can be changed deliberately due to this process.

How this process will work in Mars to bring life there?   

The process will take around millions of years to complete the entire cycle. Firstly, by establishing factories on Mars the snow on the polar caps can be melted easily. This will transform the snow packed mountains in Mars into a great water bodies. Better to say in Oceans or in rivers.

How to produce oxygen on Mars?  

There has been a striking similarity between the atmospheres of Mars that was existed on Earth billions of years ago. Research study says that when Earth was first formed then there was no oxygen on our planet and it seems to be a completely desolate and inhabitable planet. The atmosphere of Earth is completely made up of nitrogen and carbon dioxide when it was first formed.

Currently the composition of the Mars atmosphere comprises of following percentages of gases.

  • 3 percent Carbon dioxide.
  • 7 percent Nitrogen.
  • 6 percent argon
  • 2 percent oxygen.

Now let’s get in to the point, how can NASA produce oxygen in Mars? As per the sources the information that has been received it denotes that NASA is planning to use the red Planets own atmosphere to produce the oxygen.

In this process of oxygen production in Mars NASA will use MIT device. This is popularly known as MOXIE to transport microbial life from Earth to MARS such as bacteria or algae.

These bacteria will then use the soil of Mars to produce oxygen which can be used for breathing oxygen.

Source (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4810122/NASA-make-oxygen-Mars-atmosphere-survival.html)


Now there may be question in the minds of many people that how it works? Basically it works on reverse cell fuel technique. In this process electricity is being produced by a separate machine would be combined with carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and carbon monoxide with the process of solid oxide electrolysis.

Through this method it can easily eliminate the need of liquid oxygen stores to send it to mars.

This MOXIE is also helpful to create a rocket fuel for Jet Propulsion back to Earth. Thus it can easily save the money to send human being to Mars. For setting up the apparatus in Mars to create oxygen sending human beings is not required.

To design MOXIE MIT is working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NASA will lead the development of the payload and MIT will plan the mission architecture and operation on the surface of the Mars.

Fuel is heated with the oxidizer with the typical fuel cells to produce electricity. In order to run a machine on Mars you have to carry 75% of the oxygen on Mars. The reason being there is scarcity of oxygen content in Mars.

Lab experiments have already proved that MOXIE will work efficiently on red planet. Over couple of years will fill up in the human visitors.

Is plantation in Mars is possible?  

Yes!! The plantation in Mars is possible. The soil of Mars is favorable for green plantation as it contents all the required nutrients for plants growth. Just it needs oxygen that is essential for plants to grow.

To improve the performance of plant life on Mars it is very essential to plant the journal genes on Mars. This will help in proper growth of the plants at a faster pace in Mars. Thus within a very small span of time the entire planet can be converted into a green planet. Thus within a decade MARS can be converted in to a habitable zone.

What is NASA thinking about how to bring water on Mars?   

First of all the polar regions of Mars are fully ice packed and completely filled with snow. If, by applying the method of global warming the polar caps get melted then it can easily produce huge water bodies to fulfill the water requirement in the entire planet. For these NASA is preparing factories on this planet. In this way water can be produced in Mars to create the planet a habitable zone like Earth.

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Thus students can get to know new things from our website and can enhance their knowledge base. Apart from this, if the scientists of NASA become successful in creating a favorable habitat in MARS then people of Earth will get the 2nd option to find their new home on red planet.