Should West Bengal opt for online examination?

Should West Bengal opt for online examination?

February 27, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

Today, digital learning has become the taste of new generation in Kolkata. The option is feasible and safe for the security of the examination. Most of the question paper has been leaked and the entire examination system is blamed for that. The chances of security and maintenance of secrecy has been less in offline exam. On the other hand, if the exam were held in the online mode then there was less scope of paper leakage. The secrecy can be maintained in a proper manner. Hence let’s explore some of the significant benefits of online examinations in Kolkata.

Hence let’s explore some of the important beneficial facts of online exam.  

It saves time:-   

The manual exam paper takes more time and effort. It also lacks accuracy too. This is why online examination will take less time and effort to conduct the exam. After preparing a single question paper it will be generated through Ids and password in each system of the candidate to each examination center. Thus reduces the scope of cheating and saves more time for other activities from the counter part of the teachers.

Can maintain better secrecy:-   

Whenever the exam is taken in the online mode then the scope of secrecy is more. The reason being the question set is present in the server and no one can get the access easily. Hence the scope of question leakage is less. No one can easily gain access to the question papers. The data is being saved in the cloud and hence the scope of gaining any unauthorized access is very less in nature.

Helps in timely completion of checking:-  

The timely completion of checking of the question paper holds the key for better efficiency. It makes no sense if the answer sheet checking takes more time than usual. This makes actually delay of the entire examination process for the next upcoming batches. This is why online examinations can make the process faster for the teachers to check papers quickly.

Makes the vigilance stronger:-  

The chances of cheating will be less from the end point of the students. The reason being the camera that is being fitted in the system will stop these activities. Hence the scope of fair exam is more here. The candidates will also get the trust in the checking of the exam paper. Fairness and clarity of the examination is important to ensure decorum and fair academic competition among the students.   

Student will get marks as per their merit:-  

In case of offline exams the scope for cheating increases. Students will not be able to get marks on the basis of the help they receive from their friends in the exam hall. Thus the proper screening of the candidates will be possible.  

Hence, from the above explanation it has been clear that how the online exam can sort out the problem of examination. But the matter of fact here is for organizing such examination in the state proper infrastructure is required.