Should parents focus on marks or knowledge?

Should parents focus on marks or knowledge?

July 2, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

Marks or Knowledge???. Today the entire education system in the country has not been the same as before. Examination stress has increased a lot among the students. The stress of examination has emerging as a major concern for the students now a day. They cannot handle the stress of examination. The reason for this is intense competition among various students. Every students ahs their own limits and potential so if they are stretched more or beyond their capacity then they may lose their focus and may commit mistakes in their life for which they may feel regretted in their life.  This why, they require the guidance of a qualified private tutor who can provide quality mentorship.

What are the important points a guardian must focus before making his child preparing for the exam?     

There are certain important things that a guardian must remember before making the child preparing for the exam.

So, let’s explore those important points in this regard to get the better idea about these factors.

  • Must focus on the overall development:-

Guardians must focus on the overall development of the child not only marks or knowledge. The reason is in the practical world knowledge plays the end game rather than marks. Marks prove the work ethics and knowledge builds the future of a child. For this they need the proper guidance of a quality private tutor. In this regard you must search the mentor not just a tutor.

  • Focus on the better understanding of the concepts:-

Better understanding of the concepts is very important to score well in the exam. For that the preparation need to be very clean and without any flaws. Just being a tutor it is their duty to make the students understand the value of each and every concept they are going to learn. For achieving the consistency in the performance it is very important.

  • Make the learning process interesting:-

Make the learning process a fun for the students so that they don’t get bored while learning some concepts. Just you need to be very cautious about the process your child is following while learning any subject or its chapters. In this regard, your child needs the assistance of a qualified mentor who can make the concepts easy and interesting for your child.

  • Understand the potential of your child:-

Every child is very unique in its own ways. Just you need to be very much prudent in your approach to recognize their talent. Depending on it their future will be made. Just you need to make the right choice of person as a private tutor for your child. In most cases it has been found that students don’t get the right assistance from their tutor to excel. But for this various online platforms are now available in the market. Just you need to consult the right person for your child progress in this regard. There are several online tools available to make the study interesting for the children today.

  • Give them time to relax :-

Continuous study may exhaust them it may soak up their level of energy from their body. This is why along with study the relaxation also revitalizes their energy level to work hard for the exam. Recreation is also an important part of a student’s life it will help them to work with full energy at the time of study. Along with that it will also help them to concentrate in a better way. Just you need to be very alert about their over recreation. So, that they don’t get de focused from their goal.

  • Don’t make your child to take part in the rat race:-

Provoking your child in participating in the rat race may prove to be very destructive for their career. Especially in their academic career they will suffer a lot due to this reason. Being a parent you need to be very patient in understanding their areas of difficulties and provide them the right solution. Give your child the best assistance they deserve. Provide them the quality home tuition facility which will help them in building the right concept regarding any subject they learn from their tutor. Increase their love for the study not the hate for the study.

From where you can get the quality assistance for your child:-   

From the online learning platform of the Gurusiksha you can get the quality assistance as per your need. Give your child the platform they deserve from you. They must study happily not forcefully. From the learning platform of Gurusiksha you can select the best tutor of your choice within your proximity. Just you need to make the right choice judging on the basis of the background of the teacher and their level of experience they have in the required field. Hence now the problem of getting quality home tuitions in Kolkata will be completely eradicated.