Rising India’s new education system for young India

Rising India’s new education system for young India

March 29, 2019 3 By gurusiksha

The entire world is changing rapidly and India is also growing rapidly. The concept of new India has made a new impact in every aspect of its growth rate including the education system. Parents need to change their mind set up regarding imparting education to their child. E-learning has become the recent trend in the country. Finding a quality home tutor has become possible just at your fingertip. Those days are gone when class room study using only poky boring books are used for learning concepts. You can only call an education system to be perfect and accurate when students can implement them in their practical life.

Today, in India the classrooms not only well stuffed with educational tools but also it is well stuffed with equipment that can build a strong relationship between students and subjects. Schools in India are continuously evolving in the education system at a rapid rate in the country.
Smartboards have replaced blackboards in many schools.

The concepts

The concepts of digital learning and online live classes have become a regular medium of study. But one thing parents need to consider that in crowed it is very difficult to get the quality teaching in schools. Schools can modernize the system of learning but they cannot reduce the number of student’s enrollment in the school. The reason being students are the main source of revenue for schools. This is why the need for home tuitions is very important in this regard.

Generally the first step towards education starts from home. In a recent study it has being proved that students who have acquired advanced learning options in India has performed well compared to traditional learning methods.

Hence, let’s get in to the details of the facts that how education systems have being revolutionized in the country.

The new system of education in the country is divided in these sub category mentioned below. Hence let’s get in to the details.

Before turning 5

In a recent study it has been found that maximum of the child brain starts to develop before the age of 5. Hence they need proper guidance and direction to shape up their future in right direction. Hence government has launched the child development program to nurture the talent of the child in his early stage. The first day of school is the most ominous factor for many children in India. But the system now is mechanized in such a manner that the first day of the school will become a fun loving aspect for the child.

Providing hands on Experience:-

There is a saying that if you read you will forget and if you get involved then only you will remember. The tools are now equipped in case of both schools and private tuition providers to involve the students in solving practical life problems to make their concepts sharper and better than before. The reason being solving practical problems will enhance their skill sets. This will help them to build strong concepts for future application in life. Children are asked to assemble toys, or to follow certain instruction to solve any puzzle. This enhances their spatial ability.

Reducing assessment gap:-

Current education system is focusing on assessing the comprehensive development of the child in all fields. Traditional education focuses on providing tuitions in subjects like Math, English or science. Parents were in need for qualified Math Tutor, English Tutor or Science Tutor. Boosting academic and moral experiences is the prime focus for the students in current days. It has surpassed the need for getting high academic scores to judge the talent of a student.

Integrating technology in classroom:-

Working with visual up shots, usage of smart classes, audio discourses and supplementary methods are some of the few steps taken to upgrade the system. This type of policies will help the students to upgrade their knowledge base and their skills. Ultimately this will help the students to improve their applicability and analytical skills to solve any problems.
Thus, similar types of practices are adopted by one education platform in Kolkata known as Gurusiksha.

Gurusiksha provide online tuitions, facility better learning opportunity and bridges up the gap between quality teachers and students to make the education system more innovative for the students to grasp their interest and acceptance. Hence, from now onwards learning will become interesting and approachable to the students. For ensuring overall development of a child in the country these steps will prove to be very fruitful.