Online V/s Offline learning

Online V/s Offline learning

December 3, 2018 1 By gurusiksha

Today, the world has changed completely with the advancement of the technology people have become tech savvy even the young generations too. So, with the passage of time the way of education system has also evolved a lot. Students love to learn concepts in the online form rather than the offline form. Basically, today’s generation is tech savvy and they hate remembering concepts using books and listening to boring lectures of the teachers. In India today also the parents prefer providing tuition to the students in the offline mode. Both the online as well as offline tuition’s has its merits and demerits to look or to get in to the matters. There is certain important point of differences that makes both the process unique and beneficial in its own terms.

So, let’s explore those facts to understand the important differences between online and offline learning.

  • Difference on the basis of classroom training:-

There has been a fine line of difference between these two methods of learning. In case of online learning you will get the opportunity to get the teaching through online classroom by sitting back at the comfort of your home. On the other hand in case of offline learning the parents as well as the students need to displace of in the tutor’s place to get the quality teaching.

  • Cost involvement:-

There is a considerable amount of difference regarding the degree of cost involvement between the online and offline education system. In case of online education system the students will get the opportunity to get the assistance of best study materials and tutors at a reasonable rate on the other hand in case of offline education system the student’s need to bear the burden of purchasing books as well as the cost of tuitions.

  • Schedule of tuitions:-

In case of online tuitions students can schedule their classes as per their convenience. On the other hand, in case of offline tuitions students need to attend the classes as per the convenience of the tutors and also they need to sacrifice their valuable study time.

  • Options for selecting the teacher:-

Being a parent, whenever you seek the assistance of a professional teacher in the offline mode then the chances are there he/ she cannot meet the requirement which the students need. On the other hand, if you seek the assistance of offline tuitions then you can easily seek the assistance of the best tutor as per student’s need. The reason being you have the option to choose as per your requirement.

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