Why ISRO and NASA is carrying out more missions on Moon

Why ISRO and NASA is carrying out more missions on Moon

September 11, 2019 1 By gurusiksha


For many decades’ space expeditions is the topic of interest for millions of people all around the world. NASA and ISRO both are trying to carry out long term expeditions on Moon. The reason for such missions on other planets is resources on Earth is getting depleted at a very fast pace. Human race needs an alternative for the Earth to survive in this universe. Our resources on Earth are on the verge of extinction and so we need resources from other planets . On 3rd March 1969 Apollo first landed on the moon to start sending pictures of moon and about the moon’s resources.   

Hence let’s find out and put an end to our curiosity that what kinds of resources are available on moon.   

  • Helium-3

Records as per NASA’s reports and ISRO’s efforts it has been found that Helium -3 can be scattered in moon in abundance. This resource can make a tremendous impact on the Earth. Now let’s get some details that how Helium -3 can help us. H3 is one of the most valuable resources for us as it can easily power the nuclear fusion reactors this is basically clean and non radioactive energy source.   Thus this can sort out the problem of resources deficit from Earth.Because of this number of <b>moon mission</b> has increased now a day to a great extent.

  • Gold:-

On the south pole of the moon it is being expected to have 100 times more gold than Earth. This could easily change the lives of billions of people on Earth. This is the most precious metal in the earth as far as humanity is concerned. Because of this various developed and the developing nations of the world are planning for moon’s Mission of soft landing to have a colonial gain over the other countries.

  • Platinum:-

Many scientists believe that moon is a reserve for rich supply of platinum. The reason is very evident from the fact that various asteroids have hit the surface of the moon very often. This had increases the possibility to have huge deposit of platinum supply on Moon’s surface. Various valuable metals other than platinum is present in the surface of the moon which can help the human civilization to move forward in the future.

  • Metal & Water:-

There is an abundant supply of metals found on the surface of the moon. The sources of water though even not found on its surface. But experiments are going on a continuous basis to find out the sources of water on its surface. In some areas of the moon huge deposits of metal and ores of irons are found.

There are various reasons why moon mission are going through all over the world. One of the basic reasons of such expeditions is to understand that whether there is any possibility for life on moon or not. The reason being now human civilization requires another planet like Earth to set up their habitat.

Similar kind of post and information is present in the home page of Gurusiksha. Apart from this various space agencies over the past few decades are working on rigorously on seeking information from the moon. In this regard,   they can extract maximum information regarding the possibility of life on moon and to get the maximum resources from its surface.

This is why astronomers from India as well as from the other parts of the world are working tremendously hard to get the maximum information as they can from it.