Learn all profundity about Atomic structure .

Learn all profundity about Atomic structure .

June 11, 2021 0 By gurusiksha

In the year 1809, John Dalton proposed the smallest particle of the element which is indivisible as an atom. At the beginning of the 20th century in year 1897, JJ Thomson and Rutherford later suggested that an atom is divisible. Again it is known that atoms are electrically charged. In this blog, the online tuition in Hyderabad will explain to you the importance of atomic structure in chemistry.

Properties and definition of electron proton and neutron by the teacher

The electron is a negatively charged fundamental particle. Proton is the smallest part of the atom which is charged positively. Proton was discovered by Goldstein and Rutherford in 1886. Neutron being a fundamental particle is a neutral poster; it carries no charge. Neutron was discovered by Chadwick in 1932. Cathode rays mostly travel in a straight line. It casts shadows on solid objects when placed in a path. The mechanical motion of the cathode rays is composed of material; these cathode rays are deflect with a magnetic field. It produces a heating effect. Cathode rays cause ionization of the gas. It also produces a slow presence in the glass. On certain substances like zinc sulphide and tube. Cathode rays affect photographic plates and have a penetrating power.

Properties of anode rays in atomic structure

The anode rays travel at a speed lesser than cathode rays. It travels in a straight line. The rays of cathode rays are made up of small particles with positively charged ions. It deflects in magnetic and electric fields said to online tuition in Hyderabad. The ratio of the anode rays is found to be constituted in a discharge tube.

The properties of the nucleus in atomic structure

The nucleus consists of neutrons and protons and together it is known as nucleons. The nucleus is stable with a high neutron and proton ratio. The ratio of the nucleus is 5 Fermi. Online tuition in Hyderabad teaches an atomic number of an element is Z. The total number of electrons and protons present inside and outside the nucleus is equal. The nucleus is the force that is bound with electrons and is electrically furious

What is mass number know in tuition in Hyderabad?

In tuition in Hyderabad learns a total number of neutrons and protons together constituted the mass number represented by an alphabet X. learn all about mass number in atomic structure.

  • Do you have an idea of isotopes?

Atoms having the same number with different atomic masses are known as isotopes. It can also be defined as the number of electrons and protons with a different number of neutrons. Those atoms with the same atomic mass and different atomic numbers are known as isobar. In other words, it can also be said that the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons is not the same.

  • What is Isomer?

Atoms with the same radioactive elements have the same mass number and different radioactive properties.

Isotopes are molecules with different substances that contain several atoms. It also contains several electrons. This is the result of similarity in the physical properties.

  • Properties of isotopes

Isotopes have the same chemical properties but different physical properties. The radioactive nature is different but place in the periodic table is same.

  • Properties of isobars

The isobars have the same atomic mass with nearly equal fundamentals.

possesses different physical and chemical properties.

It is placed in different places in the periodic table.

It was a special property of radioactive elements.

What do you mean by nuclear stability?

The stability of the nucleus means that the ratio of neutron and proton is dependent upon each other.

Difference between orbital and orbit?


Every orbit is circular. They do not have any particular direction; orbit means a circular path around the nucleus. In the orbit the electron moves. Thus the concept of the orbit is not according to the wave character.


The maximum number of electrons present in the orbital is two. Only S orbital’s have direction characteristics. It is the three-dimensional space around which the nucleus moves.

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A Quantum number is a set of 4 pieces of information. It gives complete information about the electron. When the formation is shape like energy size and the direction or explain by Quantum numbers. There are mainly four types of quantum numbers.

  • Principal quantum number

The principal quantum number provides energy in which the electron belongs

  • Azimuthal or angular momentum quantum number

In azimuthal quantum number, it gives the energy level with sub-shells.

  • Magnetic quantum number

The magnetic quantum number helps to know the orbital’s which are present in the sub-shell.

  • Spin quantum number

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However, in the above blog, you have understood the idea of atomic numbers and their elements. The teacher has beautifully described the important part that will cover passing marks in your examination paper. Hence, learn limitless so that you can answer any questions.