Impact due to closure of schools focused by online tuition classes

Impact due to closure of schools focused by online tuition classes

June 17, 2021 0 By gurusiksha

Education is necessary for all sectors. One can stop eating but one cannot stop learning. The impact of the closure of schools is responsible for different problems. Especially in the rural areas, the girls are suffering the most. Online tuition classes are trying their best to merge the gap. One cannot even imagine that the outbreak of corona virus can impact not only economic education but also on real-life problems of a girl. The ratio of child marriage just deducted to some percent but since lockdown, it is expected to increase. Around 247 million children in India are impacted due to the school closure – report by UNICEF in “From destruction to Recovery”. At the same time, the report also suggested that online education is not feasible. But one out of four children can only access the digital platform with better internet connectivity. Not only is it a cause of why but also lack development in the rural areas. Before the pandemic, only 25% of the household had access to the internet. In this blog, you will understand how the impact of corona virus has impacted mainly the life of a girl.

The children are getting married soon due to non-availability of classes, know in online tuition classes

The mentality of the parent changes according to the environment. Those who are living in rural areas cannot think extraordinarily. The people living in rural areas think more about society. The PM Yojana “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” worked in many areas of India. But the outbreak of the novel coronavirus resulted in the closure of the school. This impacted the life of the students. The urban locality where the internet connection is strong does not impact much. But in the villages, the students are not able to go to school. At this point in time, the parents are thinking of another approach. The approach of early marriages of their daughters. Online tuition classes can help these families but unless the connection to the internet is stable. One cannot work or get success alone. It is the hard work of the candidate together with the support of the family.

How to come out of the situation so that everyone can learn from online tuition classes?

Online tuition classes mainly during the lockdown period have helped the students more. Today the connection of the internet is more important than anything else. The rural areas children need guidance and support. The small girls want to study but due to the present scenario they cannot. Looking at the situation, the government can work on strong connections on the internet. It will help the children of the rural areas to study without any hindrance. If the villagers can be converted into shopping malls then why the source of the internet can’t be transferred. Online tuition in India is not an uncommon instrument anymore. Although the population of the country is vast, citizens are looking forward to get educated themselves. Best tuition classes in India can reach every individual. But the only source is the internet. There are various institution and tuition teachers who are offering discounts due to the lockdown impact. There are many free classes online. Early child marriage is not the way to every solution. You must encourage your children to get educated.

Different measures to be taken for a better output

It is not possible to change the scenario suddenly. Online tuition is the best platform to learn can diversify itself. Although live classes cannot be conducted in the rural areas one can arrange a recorded one. If the recorded classes can be arranged and provide in a small group it will be beneficial. One has to take the responsibility to play the recorded classes in a group of 10 to 15 students with social distance rules. This will be a good impact on India and its citizen. But the content of the classes should be good from the best online tuition classes. The classes will be absolutely free. It is not a complex job that cannot be acted upon. It will also promote digitalization to the rural area population. Tuition classes are important both for self-confidence and examination. Obviously, the examination cannot be conducted in such a way that the student can maintain their education level. According to the present situation, every head of the panchayat sabha should come up with the idea and must promote online tuition in India.

How tuition online India can help to solve the situation?

Today, the price of smart phones has decreased. One can buy a Smartphone easily from the Store. If you are not in a situation to afford a Rs 6000-7000 Smartphone you can easily take it for installment. Remember that every coin has two sides. If you are facing problems in lockdown then you can also get help from the government bodies to stop you from having to show your interest and also madness for study. Today, in this digitized age everyone is looking forward to getting an education. If in a family there is one Smartphone then the children can learn easily. There are many tuition classes’ websites that provide free classes. Manly, online tuition India is running free batches for poor students. It is only you who can change the situation. People are ready to help you but you have to show your concern. Tuition online has many advantages. It does not allow you to step outside your home. So the rural areas parents can comfortably make their students allow studying online class tuition.

Every new step requires confidence and dedication. It may happen that you will fail in the first step. But do not lose your hope. You have thought of a better approach from which life can be saved. As a tutor the advice is to keep facing challenges and learn to solve them. Best online tuition classes are available on the internet but you have to learn from them. Make your parents aware of the importance of education. Today, no search places in India are so backward that they do not know about good or bad. Never come under the pressure of society and kill your dream. Being a child you have a feather-like bird. You must fly high to achieve your dream.


Therefore, allow yourself to learn without pressure. You can control the situation by complaining in your local government bodies. The practice of infant marriages is against the law. However, you should come forward with all your doubts and ideas in front of an online tutor. They are readily available to solve all your doubts. Its practices are stopped in the different areas of India then it highlights a better future. This is step will surely help you all to come forward for your right. Education is such a beautiful platform where you will learn different new things. You must work hard to convey your dreams into reality. Learn to dedicate yourself to your aim. Remember if you waste your time, you are wasting your career. Hence, learn from the best online classes to fulfill all your dreams.