How To Measure The Progress Of Your Child: Tips And Tricks

How To Measure The Progress Of Your Child: Tips And Tricks

November 23, 2020 0 By gurusiksha

In modern days, we all provide home tuition or online tuition class for the improvement of our child. But the responsibility of the parents is not ended after providing them tuition classes only. Rather it is one of the responsibilities of the parents to track and monitor the progress of the study of their children. Specifically for the students of high school as the results of the school examination matters highly for further education. But the question is how to measure the learning progress of your child. Here are some tips and tricks below:

Analyzing Their Daily Study

Parental involvement is necessary for the improvement of the learning of students. To progress the development of children, it is necessary to track the learning of the students regularly. If parents regularly maintain this, then it is possible to assess the progress of their learning. Along with this, if any risk is assessed, then it can be resolved instantly. However, in case of any issue, parents can take the help of the tuition classes to resolve the detected issue of the child. Also, you can choose tuition classes as per the flexibility of your child. Suppose, if your child is in class 8, therefore you can choose home tuition for class 8 or online tuition for class 8. If your child is flexible in the home tuition, then you can hire a home tutor. Even there is an opportunity for online tuition as well in the online tutoring medium.

Checking The Homework

It is necessary to check the homework of the child regularly by the parents. Through checking the homework, parents can interact with the children and can assess their learning issues. In this case, both the homework of the tutors and classroom activities of the teachers should be checked by the parents. If your kid is a student in class 10 or 12, parents should be highly careful. They should assess the effectiveness of online tuition for class 10 to keep the children on the right track for achieving a good score. Therefore, parents need to check the homework of their kids every day. Even if they are taking home tuition for class 12 also, as they are also preparing for the board examination.

Results Of The Mock Tests

Most of the institutions arrange mock tests frequently for the betterment of their students. In the home tuition or online tuition classes, this facility is available also. However, checking the results of the mock tests for analyzing the student’s progress is an effective solution. If you are not able to check the daily homework of students, then, parents can go through the results of the mock tests which are arranged weekly or monthly. Suppose your kids are in class 11, then you can track the mock test result of the home tuition for class 11. In this manner, it is possible to check whether your student is on the right track or not.

Doubts Clearance

Besides mock tests, in most of the tuition classes, there are also doubt clearance sessions. In this case, guardians can assess how their students are responding in this doubt clearing session. If your child is not so active in the doubt clearing session, then you can ensure the progress of your child. Along with this, it is needed to consider the confidence level of your child. If they are progressing in their study, then the confidence will reflect on their personality. Also, they will not be that active in the doubt clearing session. You should track this easily in the class of online tuition for class 11.

Effectiveness In Time Management

Home tuition class or online tuition classes are highly effective to improve the time management of students. Can you ever judge how much your child is efficient in time management? Well, it is needed to track significantly by the parents for analyzing their learning progress. The more students will be fast to write up their answers, the more they will learn their study. For this purpose, the effectiveness of time management needs to be considered by the parents. Also, time management is equally necessary to score well in the examinations. Therefore to measure the progress of the child, this area needs to be highly concentrated by the parents.

Parental involvement in the study is highly beneficial to keep the students on the right track. Therefore through applying this strategy parents can assess the learning level of their students. In the age of high competition, it is necessary to continue to track the learning, otherwise, your child will be distracted from the competition easily. In this case, teachers have the responsibility also. If any student is not performing well, then they should be aware of their parents instantly. through this, it will be possible also to measure the learning progress of the child. I Hope, these strategies would be helpful for the parents or guardians. Best of luck for the future of the students.