How can your child become the space scientist?

November 30, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

Astronaut wearing pressure suit against a space background.

After conducting, various successful space missions by ISRO the craze for becoming a space scientist has increased a lot in India. This is why the demand of this career field has suddenly increased a lot. But the reality is to become a space scientist is not that very easy. It requires a lot of hard work and a very strong dedication to become a successful space scientist for the country. There is certain education curriculum a student has to follow in order to become a successful space scientist.  The education system must be designed in such a manner that students get motivated to become a successful scientist for the country.

What is a space scientist?       

Space science is a very broad category or career field where scientists conduct research on various matters of the universe. Astronomers and physicists are the two various kinds of scientists who can pursue their career on space science. A physicist basically studies the natural laws like energy, matter, time and space. They can work on various theoretical matters or field and possess various high end skills to meet the requirement for using high tech laboratory equipment’s in order to examine various properties of matter. The application of their work relates to how things, matter, will move or function in space. The basic focus of the astronomers is to make a detailed study on galaxies, stars and planets. They may be able to also monitor the space debris, asteroids and black holes.

What types of degree programs are available in space science?   

This field is actually the combinations of various scientific fields that draw the attention of the various professional domains. Foremost among these disciplines are astrophysics, physics and astronomy. This domain includes the field of computer science, chemistry, biology, geology and engineering. If a candidate can earn a master or a doctorate degree on astrophysics, astronomy and physics then it could easily prepare you for the space scientist. In general the master’s degree can be completed easily within 2 years and doctorate degree to 5-6 years.

Astronomy, physics, and astrophysics programs often overlap each other in the subject matter. Some schools even offer astronomy, astrophysics as one of the concentrations within the physics degree. This physics programs concentrated mainly focused on manipulating and understanding matter, fundamental forces of nature and light. Classroom and lab courses touches, the topics of quantum mechanics, gravitation and photonics.

Astrophysics and astronomy are quiet similar to each other. But there are very small conceptual differences present in these two subjects. Astronomy programs on the direct observations of the celestial objects in order to discover the facts about the concept of meteorology and chemistry. Astrophysics programs are more concerned on finding the correct explanation for the origin of observable universe and to the objects as per the law of physics.

Where do professionals work?  

Most of the astrophysicist’s experts can get the scope for working as a space scientist in the renowned space organization of the world. It includes NASA, ISRO, JAXA, & MIR and many more. This is why aerospace agencies and various other universities of the world can provide quality placement opportunity for astrophysicist students. In the current statistics it clearly defines that 15,650 people are employed in this field and it is expected that the ratio will grow by 8 %. Per year project growth of professional enrollment is expected to be 3%.

What type of job duties the candidates will have as space scientists?   

The basic job duty for space scientists involves deployment, analysis and planning. The responsibilities and planning includes designing satellites, telescopes, satellite instrument and planning for other manned missions. A deployment duty basically involves successful management of satellites or space launches. Analytical work includes interpretation data from experiments, telescopes or satellites and for drawing conclusions.

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