How Can Private Tutor and Mentoring Help a Child?

July 1, 2020 1 By gurusiksha


It is the age of the GenY who have lot on their plate while ascertaining a bright future. It is of utmost importance for the students to meet their academic goals and prepare for their career path. This is when both mentoring along with private tutoring plays an important role in ascertaining the development of a child. A private tutor can help individuals to help them reach out to their academic goals while improving attainment. Mentoring, on the other hand, can help them with personal development and reach greater career goals.

A one-to-one Personalized Guidance

The one-to-one tutor offers a personalized sense of guidance that offers a valuable learning experience to each student. Detailed guidance through the homework, examination preparation, and other assignments can help students define greater academic excellence. These are set up in a regulated format to ensure complete coverage across all necessary topics. The sessions are planned in advance with a mere collaboration of students, teachers, and parents.

Inculcating Strong Personal Developmental Skills

Mentoring refers to a personalized discussion that takes place with a mentor usually a professional and an expert in a particular field. The defined mentoring sessions are aimed at guiding your child with a large number of issues. The mentoring furthermore helps students to develop and inculcate personal development skills including time management and interpersonal skills with the foundation of solid strategies pertaining to their goal attainment.

Distinct from the online tuition sessions, the mentoring ones are not that structured. Most of them are in fact open discussions where the students are made to feel comfortable enough to voice out their concerns. With the guidance of an emotionally intelligent mentor, a strong and valuable mentoring relationship is developed to manifest a greater academic and personal prosperity for students.