7 important factors to consider before seeking the services of Private tutor

7 important factors to consider before seeking the services of Private tutor

December 4, 2018 0 By gurusiksha

Finding a quality teacher has never been easier whether you are a parent or a student who is seeking the assistance of a person who can easily improve upon your skills. But the matter of fact here is that, what are the traits of a teacher you must consider before seeking the assistance of a tutor for your child. Two important things you must consider before selecting a tutor for yourself or on behalf of your child. Firstly, are you seeking the assistance of a teacher or a mentor? If you are seeking the assistance of a mentor then your child is in safe hands better to say the academic career is in safe hands. But if you are seeking the assistance of a teacher then understanding of the conception will be less and rat race will be more. This is why the best thing in this case is to cross check certain important facts before hiring a tutor.

Hence, let’s find out some of the important traits of the tutor before you seek their services.

  • Cross check the qualification:-

Before, seeking the services of any tutor you must crosscheck their qualification details. But practically if you are hiring a tutor in the offline mode then you have to believe in the word of mouth communication between your peers or friend group. Better to say you don’t have any concrete proof in your hand this could prove dangerous for your child. On the other hand, if you seek the assistance of an online tutor you can get a clear idea about the tutor and about his qualification in detail. The reason being in the online tuition portal they undergo a complete screening of the documents along with an interview to crosscheck the quality of the tutor.

  • Check their level of experience:-

After crosschecking the qualification of the tutor you must check that the level of experience they possess in the subject which he/she is going to teach your child. The way of teaching matters the most. The reason being if the technique of teaching is good, then a tough concept will become easy for the student and if the way of teaching is not up to the mark then it can even make an easy concept though. Here seeking the assistance of an online teacher can prove to be a great option. They are basically screened from the source from where you are getting their services.

  • Attitude of the teacher:-   

The tutor you choose for your child must possess a positive and encouraging attitude to help your child to understand the difficult concepts very easily. He/she must be a patient person to answer the queries of the student properly without getting irritated. This thing is only possible when you seek the online service of a tutor the reason being even if the teacher is not present then the recorded live sessions of the teacher can help your child to understand the concepts in a better manner.

  • They offer feedback:-

A professional tutor always offers feedback to the guardian after the completion of the classes. This helps the parents to track the improvement of their word. There are different modes using which a tutor can place his feedback like an informal chat, a small note at the end of the lesson. Providing a monthly report or a quick call can help your child to track the rate of their progress.

  • Flexibility:-

Flexibility in scheduling the classes as per the requirement of the students is very important. Sometimes in the case of offline tutors, they plan their own schedule as per their feasibility. But this thing kills the valuable time for preparation of the students. Hence the best way in this regard is to seek the assistance of an online tutor who can easily attend to the students as per their flexible schedule.

  • Affordability:-

Some tutors charge very high from the students so the best thing is to seek the assistance of such a teacher who provides quality teaching at a reasonable rate.

So, before selecting a teacher for your child you need to be cautious. Proper research you need to make regarding the background of a teacher. Now if you want to seek the assistance of an online teacher or tutor then the services of Gurusiksha.com can prove to be a great help for you. They possess the best tutors of the state to guide your child as per your requirement. To know more about their services you can visit their website http://www.gurusiksha.com/.