6 innovative ways to teach physics of class 12

6 innovative ways to teach physics of class 12

June 17, 2019 0 By gurusiksha

Physics of class 12 is the trickiest subject that a student may have to encounter in their student life. This is why they require the assistance of a professional private tutor who can help your child in guiding in the proper manner. There are several important ways by which the learning process can be made fruitful to the students. Just you need to seek the guidance of the right tutor in this regard. Students often get puzzled due to the numerical and various concepts of physics. To help them out from this situation they require the assistance of an experienced Tutor.

Therefore let’s get in to the details of several innovative ways to teach physics so that students can understand in a better manner.

  • Hands on learning approach:-

This is by far considered as the best method of teaching physics of class 12  as per the opinion of the experts. The reason being they will learn the concepts better when they will get the hands on experience on certain concepts from their tutors. This will make the concepts easy for the students and they will learn faster. This will also make the students to understand the application of the concepts in a better manner.

  • Make the sessions interactive to the students:-

The system of education must be interactive in nature this will help the student and the private tutor to understand the progress of the student in a better manner. The reason being interactive session reduces the communication gap between the teacher and the students. Students don’t get lost in the crowed to understand the difficult concepts of physics of class 12. The reason being,when you seek for online tuitions then one to one interaction is possible and this makes learning easy for the students.

  • Story telling:-

A tutor must be a very knowledgeable person. Knowledge in the sense it means that he / she must possess the in-depth knowledge about the subject which he / she are going to teach. In physics, behind every concepts there lies a story and if a tutor need to make his /her session interesting. Then this stories will go to be very helpful for the students to remember the concepts in a better manner.

  • Role play:- This is another best option that is being there in the hands of the tutor. This will arouse the interest of the student in the subject. Along with that they will be very happy to learn the concepts in a proper way. Two way learning is better than one way process of learning. This will enhance the learning process of the students. And they will show their own interest to understand the things in a better way. Apart from this they will remember the concepts for a longer duration and will not forget it any more. This is why this type of teaching practice has become more popular now among various home tutors currently.

  • Visual Clues:-

Visual clues can make the process of learning interesting and worth remembering for longer duration. Just you need to ensure that your process of learning never become boring to the students. This can uplift your learning process and you can gain more score in the examination. These small visual clues can help the students to remember the concepts they have learnt. They will get to know that what are facts and why these things occur. Hence their concepts will be very clear on any topic of physics that they are going to learn from the private tutor.

  • Try to make the numerical easy for the students:-

Numerical in physics of class 12 are the most scoring areas that can help the students to fetch the maximum marks in the exam. Therefore one a student gets stronger in this section then scoring good marks becomes very easy in physics. Experiments and the study of the lab paper can make life easier for the students in the examination the reason being it will boost their level of confidence and they can answer any conceptual questions in the examination. Just you need to keep your focus in making the students understand the things rather than encouraging them in mugging up the concepts.

From where you can get the assistance of quality tutor:-

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