5 reasons why parents still prefer traditional learning more than online learning

December 9, 2019 3 By gurusiksha

Traditional Learning

In India still the traditional learning is considered to be the most effective means for imparting education in the country. Though currently online learning is a huge buzz but still the demand for traditional education system is very high. Basically, classroom learning improves various aspects of a student but on the contrary online learning do not have that opportunity to develops such a skills sets for the students.

On various parts of the nation still now online learning is not so popular like that of the traditional learning. Today, there has been a great buzz for online learning and various institutions also promoting this fact continuously. But the reality here is very different. In a research study it has been found that traditional learning not only improves the skill level of the teachers but also the skill level of the students as well.

Hence, let’s find out some of the important benefits of traditional learning compared to online learning

  • Promotes the opportunity for collaborative learning:-  

Classroom learning provides the opportunity for providing a collaborative learning environment. It enhances the chances of creating a self awareness among the students. This actually means students copies the learning techniques of other students in a class room learning environment. Hence, it increases the chances of rapid growth for the students.

  • Enhances the chances of critical thinking:-

The critical thinking ability of the students gets enhanced when they learn in a traditional way. Teaching on classrooms gives the students the opportunity and they are bound to take part in various debate. The ability of the students to participate on any debate or their reasoning ability increases and hence this develops their decision making ability. This is why traditional learning is still better than online learning.

  • Improves social skills:-

The social skill of the students gets improved due to a large extent because of traditional learning. Building the rapport with other people is a prime learning of traditional education system. Helping the students in developing their social skills helps a child to grow well apart from their academics.

  • Builds organizational skills:-     

The organizational skills of the students get’s improved due to the process of traditional learning process. They have to reach on time, well dressed, and the home works that are given in school have to finish it within a stipulated time. This is why traditional learning is still preferred compared to other learning process.


  • Keeps the students stimulated:-

When the teachers saw the students live in front of themselves then the morale of the students automatically increases. This makes their learning process much more interactive and interesting. On the other hand, the sense of personal touch and care from the teacher’s end is assured and the students can perform well in the exam. This is why the best process of learning is still traditional learning in India.

Hence, from the above information it has become clear that why traditional learning is still the best mode of education compared to online learning. To get a better understanding of this fact you can visit the website of Gurusiksha to get a better insight about their services.