5 Points To Take Care While Preparing For Competitive Examinations In 3 Months

January 17, 2018 4 By gurusiksha


first, let me introduce jee mains and advance in brief.  As we know for admission in any engineering college jee exams is mandatory. in the year 2012 jee was introduce for getting admission in any engineering college or university in India. before 2012 many colleges and the university was leading their own exam. All IIT’S were arranging their examination too named IITJEE, for nits and all other ORGANIZATION CBSE were arranging examination named AIEEE. But in AIEEE all private institutions were free to opt it or not. but after jee were introduce this freedom of colleges regarding opting AIEEE seized.

jee mains and advance one of the most eminent exams, conducted by CBSE. Around 12lkh students are appearing in jee mains every year and only 2lkh students get qualified for JEE advance. On the basis of rank is jee advance exam students getting admission in leading institutions of India (IIT’s and NIT’s). Presently only 10,998 seats are in IIT’s and 15485 seats are in NIT. so after all this, we concluded that jee mains and advance exams are not accessible so, we have to work hard to crack it.


time management:- all students must have to make a schedule for their further preparation. decide a time for every subject and, manage the most preferred time for that subject in which we have more complexity.

self-study:-  meanwhile always focus on your self-study and get most of the time for it. because no tutor can do slurry feed for you. Don’t leave back a topic till then you memorized it.

mock test:- must have to attend the mock test on a regular basis. topic wise and chapter wise mock test in cumulative format is the most important point to care about while preparing for jee mains.

personalized tutor:- at the last 3 months of preparation aspirants need a personalized teacher, who can guide them better. because the last 3 months of preparation are most important it does decide your rank. you may hesitate in the classroom to ask any question. so, always take a personalized tutor in the last 3 months of preparation.

self-confident:- always be self-confident. And keep in mind that you can do it, no one can but you can. Nothing is impossible it is just JEE mains exam. Anytime you lose your self-confidence, you will lose your exam.


The total no of aspirants who appeared in the jee mains exam is 11.86 lakhs and only 2.21 lakh students get qualified. in between 1.75 lakhs are boys and 46,160 were girls. in jee advance 2017, around 2,20,000 students were eligible, 1,72,024 students were registered for jee advance exam, 1,59,540 appeared in the exam and only 50,455 were qualified in JEE advance exam.

If we will have a look at statics of the advance exam 2016, around 2,00,000 students were qualified in the advance exam 2017, 1,55,948 students registered, 1,47,678 students appeared and 36,566 qualified in JEE advance 2017.


1)get spare time for self-study:- eLearning always gives us the best time management. eLearning gives us the spare time to self-study, which we can save from traveling. As I had mentioned above self-study is a most prime practice to get qualified for the exam.
2)customized learning:- in eLearning students can learn as they required. In conventional coaching classes aspirants have to learn whatever the teacher will teach them.
3)freedom to choose a personalized tutor:-  eLearning industry gives freedom to choose a tutor by our own choices. there is no any limitation of an area, experience, qualification, and fees.
4)online self-assessment:-There is many platforms that provide online self-assessment. students can check their standing by themself anytime anywhere.


many options are there in eLearning like video lectures, gamification, microlearning, social learning. but the best e-learning pattern is online live tuition classes. there is a platform of guru Shiksha that provides online live classes in India. On this platform, we can easily choose our own tutor by fee, qualification, and experience. we can book a free demo class on guru Shiksha

online live tuition can give us more conceptual explicit. as at the meantime of preparation within the last 3 months, we always need every minute of learning should be conceptual. online live tuition classes can help us more.