3 ways by which Covid-19 has become a blessing for Edtech industry

March 19, 2020 0 By gurusiksha

Coronavirus infection (Covid-19) has robbed up the sleep of millions of people all across the world. This pandemic has also resulted in the death of various people all across the globe. But for the online education industry, it can prove to be a great boon. The reason is due to this disease various schools and colleges are being shut down on various parts of the world. This includes the name of both the developed and the developing nations of the World. The education industry is facing the worst face as the maximum of the schools is closed as per the government order of different nations. Many examinations have been rescheduled or being postponed due to this disease. In short, the entire education system is in complete disarray.


But the good news is that the ed-tech industry gets a huge scope for development and earning huge profit due to this reason.

  • Chances for online learning education will Increase:-

    Due to the Pandemic Coronavirus the style of the education system has changed a lot over a few months. People are now shifting from the offline education system to the online education system. Various countries of the world like USA, UK, CHINA, and ITALY have ordered to close down the schools for a while. This has been done to prevent the spread of this communicable disease. Meanwhile, the schools now prefer to conduct online classes to prevent the chances of loss of learning. This gives the boost to the online education system a great chance to make a mark in the education system in the world at a large.


Interactive apps, online learning platforms, and other technology are being used to make learning easy and interesting to the students. Teachers are advised to share their notes by uploading their files on the websites of various online learning platforms to reach their target audience. Global, as well as many Indian Companies, are in a race to grab the maximum market share in this situation.

  • Public-private educational Partnerships can grow at a faster pace:-

In the past few weeks, the partnerships among the public and private organizations are taking shape at a very fast pace to fight from this crisis. This includes the educational professionals, governments, telecom network operators; publishers all are showing their interest and needs to adopt this digital education system to meet their requirement.

For example, in China, the education ministry has assembled in a group of varied constituents to develop new online learning the broadcasting platform and the cloud-based learning to upgrade the suite for the education infrastructure. Schools, colleges and universities of the world are being ordered to shut down with an immediate effect. This has made the conditions even worse because board examinations and other important examinations are being postponed or being delayed. But this can hamper the career of a student. So, various countries of the world has arranged for the online examination to get the things done in proper time.

  • Digital divide could happen among the digital users all around the group:-

Most of the schools are now closed they are now finding the ways for providing the teaching. The reason is the period which this Covid-19 will take to get cure completely is not know clearly. This is why an alternative teaching model is urgently required to continue the classes. In 131 countries of the World, this virus is showing its ominous effects. Mostly, the children and old age people are adversely affected due to this disease.

Previously, 60% population of the planet is connected online mode. But now the situation is so worse than 100% of the world population is in urgent requirement for digital connection to perform their daily tasks. People are getting frustrated due to this epidemic and they want a solution for the continuation of their studies. This is where the tech industry is getting a huge opportunity to provide a solution to their problems.

Hence, from the above situation, it can be easily conferred that the digital learning era will get a huge boost due to this virus. Just the companies need to focus on their opportunities to win over their business opportunity in this case.